Updates: Cable TV, Telephone & Internet

Time Warner Cable is no more; TWC has been replaced by Spectrum. [TWC + Charter = Spectrum]

Also, Verizon local landline service is no more and has been replaced by Frontier.

For the past several decades we’ve lived in a GTE/Verizon pocket of Orange County and received our landline phone through them. When I read that Frontier was taking over their local phone service, I decided to switch to TWC — I just had to convince my wife to allow me to do so.

Several friends of ours had TWC phone and it was cheaper than Verizon’s product. Eventually, just before the takeover by Frontier, we made the switch. Uh – oh. The voice service never matched our, especially my wife’s, expectations.

Technicians moved the phone modem’s location — nope. Technicians re-wired the cable in the house — nope. Technicians re-wired the outside connection into the house — nope. And then, a few weeks ago, a technician re-wired the connection from the backyard utility pole to the house — hey, things now work properly.

Yes, our phone is now working properly — no pings, no clicks, no dropouts.

In addition, several months ago I boosted our TWC internet speed to 100Mbps — it increased but never reached 100Mbps. I asked one of the technicians about the situation when he came to work on the phone, but he couldn’t answer why I wasn’t getting the proper speed.

The last guy who came (and finally fixed the phone connection) tested the line at our modem (SURFboard SB6141) and said the signal strength and speed was fine — 117Mbps and suggested that I upgrade my years old WiFi router; the modem itself was fine. OK.

I went online and researched routers and prices and the next day went to Target and purchased a NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (Model R7000). It didn’t take long to replace the old modem and get our phones, etc. connected to the network. The signal strength is such that I was able to disconnect the WiFi relay we had needed to connect while using our devices in our patio/sunroom. In fact, our spare bedroom, wherein sits our exercise bike, has an Apple TV WiFi connection that usually is between 115 and 117Mbps. I just checked the WiFi connection, via Fast.com, of this laptop in our living room — 120Mbps.

So — internet usage is quite a bit faster than before and is more reliable; there are no problems using multiple devices over our network; my terabytes of movies, music, pictures and TV shows stream better from my iTunes media storage drive; pixelization is no longer a problem on the cable television; the phone works. Also, I might add, if you have Spectrum phone service and are bothered by spam and scam phone calls, make sure you get NoMoRobo through Spectrum. It doesn’t get rid of all the calls, but it cuts down the number significantly.

One last word — I just retested our connection and got 92Mbps.

Spam? Scam? Telemarketing?

Spam? Scam? Telemarketing? Fraud? Robo-calls

Spam robo-calls in the First Week of March 2016.


@7:26 pm — 1-714-421-4155 — Caller ID: V30719265503966 — yes, this is the same number that called at 5:09 pm but with a different Caller ID

@5:09 pm — 1-714-421-4155 — Caller ID: SERVICE
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-714-421-4155 — (Flagged as Scam Or Fraud – Level 3 Communications VoIP – Huntington Beach, CA – 52 spam reports – “Says service on caller id and called me more the 5 times today. And it is barely 12 noon.”)

17144214155 spam activity
17144214155 spam activity
17144214155 call activity
17144214155 call activity

@11:16 am — 1-323-609-6016 — Caller ID: Los Angeles CA
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-323-609-6016 (Flagged as Scam Or Fraud – Onvoy VoIP – Los Angeles, CA – 521 spam reports – “A annoying call about Solar Panels.”)
*Blocked by NoMoRobo although it shows up on the call log.


@ 9:07 am — 1-657-220-1616 — Caller ID: Anaheim CA
http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-657-220-1616/22 (22 pages of complaints)
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-657-220-1616 (Flagged as Telemarketer – 856 spam reports – Neutral Tandem VoIP – Anaheim, CA – “Left a VM msg promising free vacation and asked for credit card info.”)
(have also received calls from 1-657-220-1617 previously)


@4:11 pm — 1-732-226-8884 — Caller ID: Keyport NJ

@ 2:24 pm — 1-310-870-9253 — Caller ID: ICN
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-310-870-9253 — (Flagged as Scam Or Fraud – Onvoy VoIP – Los Angeles, CA – 51 spam reports – “Robo call regarding electric bill.”)


@12:20 pm — 1-714-386-1068 — Caller ID: Yorba Linda CA
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-714-386-1068 — (Flagged as Telemarketer – Twilio VoIP – Yorba Linda, CA)

@10:34 am — 1-714-784-0576 — Caller ID: Brea CA — (3rd call in the last month, never leaves a message)
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-714-784-0576 — (Flagged as Scam Or Fraud – Level 3 Communications VoIP – Brea, CA – 33 spam reports)


1- 970-415-8207 — Caller ID: ?
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-970-415-8207 — (Flagged as Identity Theft – Peerless Network VoIP – Greeley, CO – 280 spam reports)

@4:49 pm — 1-949-767-6527 — Caller ID: Lake Forest CA
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-949-767-6527 — (Suspected Spam – Flagged as Telemarketer – Pac-West Telecomm VoIP – Los Angeles, CA – 7 spam reports)

@12:41 pm — 1-562-304-6425 — Caller ID: WIRELESS CALLER
http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-562-304-6425 — (Suspected Spam -Flagged as Telemarketer – Tracfone Mobile – Long Beach, CA – 12 spam reports)

Spam, Scam, Phishing and Robo-Calls

Spam / Scam / Phishing #s ?spam check white pages logo

Our phone numbers are on the federal Do Not Call list, and we have NoMoRobo. And we still get spam and robo-calls nearly every day. I report all of these “suspected” spammers, scammers and phishers. Don’t know if it does any good, but . . .

I’m adding a new page to my blog site for these numbers.

1.28.16 —       1-216-282-0367 — Caller ID: Cleveland OH


                        1-310-428-8251 — Caller ID: Cell Phone CA



1.27.16 —       1-845-335-1907 — Caller ID: Garrison NY


My new page also contains links to NoMoRobo and the National Do Not Call Registry.

I’m not sure whether this demonstrates how irritated I am with these calls, or how much time I have on my hands, or, maybe, something else entirely.