Olive Trees and Bees

Got up to move the car for street sweeping about 8.00 this morning and found the city

Tree Before Cutting
Tree Before Cutting

setting equipment up in the street. Turns out the olive tree across the street and another tree several houses down were being cut down and had bee nests in their trunks.

The nests/hives were in the dead and hollowed out

Chainsawing in Bee Outfit
Chainsawing in Bee Outfit

bases and could not be saved. For the next couple of hours a city crew used chain saws to cut the trees down. The workers were in bee suits. They had to avoid the telephone/power lines with the saws.

Before they could actually get at the bees they had to


chainsaw the bases of the trees. The bees were not happy. (But, they stayed away from me as I took pictures and pulled weeds in my front yard.)

The tree stump in front of my house had to be ground almost to pavement level to get at the last bees. By noon things were pretty well taken care of in my area but the other

"Look what I got!"
Olive Tree and Bees

tree wasn’t finished until mid-afternoon.

Glad it’s not my job.

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